Hanny & Co.

Hanny & Co.

Hanny&Companies is all about music .. Lead and founded by Hanny E Putra. Together with musician friends and singing artists, we organize top quality music for your needs .. from pop, jazz to big orchestra.

Hanny E.Putra

In the music industry, Hanny E Putra is a recognized session player and music arranger as pianist and keyboardist. As a musician, he has performed with various well-known musicians, music groups, artists in major cities of Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia and America.

At the age of 10, for couple of years, Hanny started playing musical instruments such as bass, guitar, drums and keyboard for countless Christian events, as an autodidact. To name a few, Hanny was the keyboardist for UX group (first generation) and as a pianist for Indosiar tv program ‘Penyejuk Imani’ (150 episodes) together with Susan Bachtiar as host.

Hanny has chosen piano and keyboard as his major instruments and had scholarship at Pelita Harapan University. Only then, he started his formal music education.

In year 2004, for 2 years, he join singer artists Ello as 1st keyboardist, Glenn Fredly till March 2007 and till present with Oni n Friends. Over the years, Hanny has performed at various television shows, weddings, corporate & private events, theatrical musical plays and recorded several albums both played ad as music arranger.